Prometheus Piledriver pellets .22cal /30grains (tests)

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Postby SP » Mon Jan 15, 2007 8:27 am

BILKO wrote:SP

I don't have a rapid , so i don't know what barrels the rapids have.
You are going to have to shoot them at 50 yards and over to see the results, at least that is what i did and i shot them on paper.

There is has been a lot more talk about them today in the above post and not one person got positive results from them.

Good luck with your tests all of you and my advice is get a tin first and try them out, or wait and see what SP results are out of his rapid.

Thanks for the post. A good example are the .25 crow magnums. My Rapid shoots them accurately only up to 30 yards. Where my friend can shoot those at 50+yards accurately out of his .25 Condor. But then again you could be right about them piledrivers. Perhaps I wont get good groups at 50yards I will let you know this week. Thank you.

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