I hope that any Airgun Equipment is appropriate :) Pellets

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I hope that any Airgun Equipment is appropriate :) Pellets

Postby Anonymous » Thu Mar 31, 2005 8:22 pm

If so let me dive into a review of the .177 caliber Predator Pellets. If this is not the place for this please delete it for me and let me know :)

I received a shipment of Predator Pellets from Tom May owner of Predator International about 5 or 6 months ago. Anxious to try out the new "Ballistic Tip" pellets I jumped in with both feet.

I started at home with BC testing since these pellets claim to be more aerodynamic. I used two chronographs and quickly found out that JSB Exacts, Beeman FTS', and Crosman Premiers had a higher BC and therefore were more Aerodynamic.

Disappointed with my initial findings I moved on to the most important part of testing ANY piece of Airgunning equipment (to me) and that was ACCURACY. I am not talking about Olympic grade accuracy ... I am a hunter. 10 meter low velocity accuracy doesn't mean a thing to me when I am squirrel hunting. I want to know what the pellet can do at 40 yards which in most airgun rifles is my limit for head shots.

Accuracy test equipment: I used a variety of .177 caliber airguns for the accuracy part of this test to include ... 2 Tau-7's, an R-1, 2 RWS Model 48's, an R-11, 2 R-9's and a B21. At 20 yards outdoors using IHMSA Silhouette targets with the Tau-7's I could consistently hit the foot (base) of the Ram with JSB Exacts while the Predators couldn't hit the entire silhouette target at all ! I continued my testing and found that as the speed of the pellets increased life got worse in the accuracy dept. I reported my findings to Tom May who never responded to my last e-mail.

Move forward to March 2005. I understood that I may have been testing version 1 of the Predator Pellets so months later I ordered a tin from Cabelas. The new tins have the JSB logo on them and with some reservation I set down to try them out. I figured that after my initial testing Tom would be reluctant to send me anymore "free" pellets.

Testing in a P-1: I had just received a San Rafael P-1 for testing and it seemed to love RWS Super Hollow Points. The best group I produced with these was just 3/16ths of an inch at 10 yards ! With some humorous thoughts in my mind I tried the Predator Pellets and was delighted to see a group of just 3/8ths of an inch ! I didn't have to worry about hitting the pellet trap with Predator Pellets anymore as I was producing nice little groups.

Sure I thought .. they shoot well at low speed now ... but let me crank up the speed and watch them cork screw down range. I was delighted to see a nice little group at 10 yards with the San Rafael R-1 I have on hand here.

So far the new Predator Pellets are doing quite well for me and I look forward to testing them outdoors at longer ranges. If they pass this test I will take them hunting which is why they were invented in the first place. From the results I saw in my pellet trap filled with Beeman Ballistic Putty I would say that they should be killer on live game.

At $ 10.00 a tin for just 200 pellets we should get something for our money. Tom May should've responded to my e-mails of concern months ago. I will produce a long range outdoor review of these pellets within 5 weeks in an upcoming edition of Addictive Airgunning. If they shine in these tests I will be carrying them with me to Kentucky for the Spring Squirrel hunting season that we will be sharing with Carl Miller. I am so looking forward to this trip :) -Wayne-


Hi Wayne!

Postby Anonymous » Tue Apr 05, 2005 2:32 am

Hi Wayne, thanks for the info man!

To me anyway, the equipment reviews probably includes scopes, pellets, whatever other people would enjoy a review on that is bought with money and relates to airguns, "would seem to me" anyway. (I just went back and read Craig's "orientation note" for this section, that's what he said as well!)

I'd even thought about fishing up reviews I'd written in the past elsewhere and tossing a few in here to get a bit of a database going, hey it's rough when you're only a few days old as a review section!

I'd guess that all good content is welcome -

Frank H.


Postby Anonymous » Tue Apr 05, 2005 4:54 am

Addictive, Anything airgun related is acceptable for review, even butt pads LOL


Thanks Guy's !

Postby Anonymous » Wed Apr 06, 2005 8:26 pm

I would like to see fishing results myself :) Glad we can post and enjoy vs the old way of doing things :) -Wayne-

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Postby 220swift » Mon Nov 13, 2006 4:41 pm

glad the pellet's worked out for ya ,I've had good luck with the .22cal ,one's but the same thing with Tom May no reply on his site.
Tom what's UP.

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